Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to…

Make a Three Tier Diaper Cake for a Baby Shower

Step one:

Roll diaper starting from opening and rubber band to keep the diaper rolled.

*Side note- I use size 2 or 3 diapers so that the Mom can leave the cake up for a while before she takes it apart to use the diapers. For the rubber bands, I like to use tiny hair rubber bands that are light colored.

Step Two:
Do step one rolling a total of 69 diapers.

Step Three:
Take eight diapers and make into a circle- 1 diaper in the middle and 7seven around it. And then put a rubber band around all eight.

*Side note- This is the top tier of your cake!

Step Four:
Repeat step three with eight more diapers.

Step Five:
Then take 13 diapers and circle them around the 8 diapers that are already bound by a rubber band from step four. Now rubber band all 21 diapers together.

*Side note- This is the middle tier of your cake!

Step Six:
Repeat step five with 21 more diapers.

Step Seven:
Then take 19 diapers and circle them around the 21 diapers that are already bound by a rubber band from step six. Then put a rubber band around all 40 diapers.

*Side note- This is the bottom tier of you cake!

Step Eight:
Cut a 14” circle of cardboard or you can use a 14” cake round (you can find this at any craft store)

Step Nine:
Stack the three tiers starting with the largest on the cake round

Step Ten:
To hold all three tiers together, insert a wooden dowel through the middle of stacked up tiers.

*Side note- Be careful not to puncture any of the diapers in this step!

Step Eleven:
Cover rubber bands on each tier with ribbon and hot glue at the back of the cake. Make sure to hot glue ribbon on ribbon not ribbon on diaper. This will ensure all diapers are still usable.

*Side Note- Pick ribbon that is thick or else you will be able to see the rubber
bands through it!

Step Twelve:
I like to add something (such as the boa below) on the remain edge of each tier to cover up any coloring on the diapers.

Step Thirteen:

Add accessories (such as flower) for the cake topper. You can also add accessories around the cake.

Final Look:

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Bekah said...

Katie- I think this cake is so beautiful. I tried to make one like it but it was not so pretty. I am going to try again but she's having a boy this time. I'm wondering what creative ideas do you have for me about a boys cake?

PS. How have you been feeling? Everything is good I hope and pray for you all!

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